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Do my blinds come with a guarantee?

Yes. Not only have our blinds been independently tested to in excess of 200,000 uses, giving you peace of mind that they will last a lifetime, but we back this up with a cast iron guarantee. The sealed unit and everything inside it is guaranteed for five years. All components outside the sealed unit is guaranteed for two years. Full details can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Can I clean the slider control on my Magnetic Slider blind?

The slider control is coated in a patented SanitizedTM anti-bacterial coating for long-lasting hygiene, so it will only need a gentle wiping over with a damp cloth.

Is the cord control safe for children?

SGS Integral Blinds are fully compliant with standard EN 13120:2014 on cord safety. They include a patented automatic cord release system, which operates under an applied weight of no less than 6 kg; a cord tensioner, to avoid the formation of hazardous cord loops and length of operating cords in compliance with the standard.

How does the solar panel power my blind?

The functioning of the blind is powered by batteries, which are held in the battery pack on the inside of the unit. The solar panel charges the batteries, but they may still need to be charged manually on occasion. The unit comes with a charger, so it’s easy to keep your blind working properly.

If the blinds are used regularly you will also need to replace the batteries every few years. The battery pack contains 4 AA rechargeable batteries, which can be bought online or from most hardware stores or larger supermarkets.

One of our customers has solar powered blinds inside their showroom. They are operated seven or eight times every day and they have had to replace the batteries twice in the six years that the blinds have been installed.

How do I recharge the batteries in my solar powered blind?

If the batteries need recharging, the LED on the battery module will flash following an up or down command.

To recharge the batteries:

  1. Detach the battery module from its base plate by gently sliding it away from the edge of the window.
  2. Plug the battery charger into a power supply.
  3. Plug the micro-USB connector into the port on the side of the battery module.


When the power supply is connected the LED will indicate the following conditions:

  • LED flashing: batteries missing, defective or not of a compatible type. Immediately unplug the charger.
  • LED pulsating: charging underway.
  • LED steadily lit: charging complete.

After charging, unplug the cable and fit the battery module back on its base plate by gently sliding it onto the plate until you feel it click into position. This will start a sensor recalibration cycle, so do not operate the blinds until the LED goes off.


If you have a question that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.